NASA Education Projects
High School Aerospace Scholars Post OnSite Mentor Survey FY17

Survey Questions

Thank you for your participation in NASA High School Aerospace Scholars. Please complete the survey below. Your responses are an important part of program improvement.

1. Participant Name (for tracking completion only)  *

2. What was your role in the HAS program?  *

3. Select the weeks you participated in HAS?  *

4a. Have you been a HAS mentor or student mentor in the past?  *

4b. If yes, what years? Check all that apply.

5a. Did you participate in HAS as a student?  *

5b. If yes, please describe when you participated and how it affected you.
6a. Would your recommend HAS to a student who was thinking of applying?  *

6b. What would you say?  *
7a. How would you rate the benefits to the student of the HAS program? (1= not much of a benefit, 10= a great benefit.)
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Working with NASA role models – engineers *
Learning about coop program *
Learning about other NASA opportunities *
Learning about careers related to NASA *
Participating in activities that require teamwork *
Meeting other high-achieving students interested in STEM *
Being challenged to learn sophisticated content *
Being challenged to solve problems *
Learning to plan *
Working to a schedule with deadlines *
Making presentations *
Other *
7b. For other, please describe.
8a. Would you recommend being a HAS mentor to a colleague?  *

8b. What would you say?  *
9. In your own words, how would you describe the benefits to you from your HAS mentoring?  *
10. HAS mentoring benefitted me: (1=not at all, 5=a great deal)
  1 2 3 4 5
As a professional (e.g. thinking about my work, how I do it, teaming, ways I stay up-to-date) *
As an educator/communicator (e.g. educating about core ideas, giving students useful feedback, noticing misconceptions) *
As an individual (e.g. personal fulfillment, giving back, building community) *
As a mentor (e.g. how to work with students, how to help students talk to and work with each other) *
11a. How else would you like to, or could you contribute?  *

11b. For other, please describe.
12. Do you have any suggestions for improving HAS?  *
13. Other comments? Suggestions?  *