NASA Education Projects
Texas High School Aerospace Scholars Reviewer Survey FY17

Survey Questions

Thank you for serving as a HAS Technical Reviewer. Your contribution to the students’ success is immeasurable!

Please take a few moments to reflect on your experience as a Technical Reviewer to help improve the experience for future students and for other Technical Reviewers. Your responses are completely confidential.

1.   How would you rate the Technical Reviewer Training Session? Scale of 1-10, 10=highest
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Expectations *
Process *
D2L *
Able to ask questions *
2.   What additional training or information would be helpful to prepare you to be an effective Technical Reviewer?  *
Tell us what would have been helpful for any areas that apply or respond NA for not applicable to you.

I would have liked more information on:

3.   How to use D2L  *
4.   NASA’s mission and goals  *
5.   How to provide effective feedback  *
6.   Background information on the topics in each module  *
7.   How to handle student questions or requests  *
8.   Other--please describe  *
9.   What else do you wish you had known about being a Technical Reviewer before you started?  *
10.   The HAS Education Specialists offered support to you during the online course. Did you take advantage of this support?  *

11.   Approximately how long does it take you to grade one module for one student? Hours:  *

12.   Approximately how long do you spend answering student questions on each module? Hours:  *

13.   Do you feel you had sufficient time to review, provide feedback, and enter grades for each module?  *

14.   Please describe your process for reviewing student work, providing feedback and entering grades.  *
What ideas do you have to improve the following for students: (if no ideas, put “NA”)
15.   Module topics/content  *
16.   Module presentation/format  *
17.   Format of assignments  *
18.   Rigor of assignments  *
19.   Rubrics  *
20.   Providing student feedback  *
21.   What other feedback would you like to share with us?  *